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"I have in my possession some of my father's Bibles. In them are scraps of paper and envelopes on which he had written sermon outlines and thoughts from time to time. For a miner who had scarcely received any education he was a great reader. He owned a fair number of books, and had read many more, some of them deeply theological. But the Bible was supreme of all. He lived in his Bible, and  all his Bibles were marked from cover to cover."
--Brooks, Noel. Out of a Horrible Pit: A family memoir. (Advocate Press, 1971).  Based on earlier edition published by Noel Brooks.

Fight for the Faith and Freedom: George Jeffreys - Revivalist and Reformer

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In 1948, Noel Brooks published Fight for the Faith and Freedom as a defense of a many and a movement for he had great respect and allegiance.    

Brooks had aligned himself with the Elim Pentecostal Fellowship, which Jeffreys' had formed.  The association emphasized local church autonomy among other points of polity.  In 1938, a group within the Elim Fellowship acquired control of the organization.  In  response, Jeffreys, along with several supporters and churches, disassociated themselves from Elim.  When Jeffreys formed the Bible-Pattern Fellowship, Brooks followed.

Historian Vinson Synan, writing in his history of the Pentecostal Holiness Church, states Brooks had been employed by Jeffreys.  

The fervor of youth enthusiasm tempered in time, and according to historian Desmond Cartwright, despite attempts to have the work removed the book remained in print.

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"Nothing is more wonderful in the New Testament than the transformation of the apostles of Christ from getters to givers, from the served to the serving. From the self-seeking to the self-denying. From men who were motivated by that spirit of self-interest which would exploit and corrupt event apostolic office and power, to men with a clean heart and right spirit."
--Brooks, Noel, 1914-2006
"Church Reform or Personal Holiness." Advocate, August 11, 1956, pg. 13.


"Holiness" cannot be manufactured by man; it must be given by God; man can only receive it."
--Noel Brooks, 1914-2006
Pardon, Purity and Power: The Threefold Ministry of the Holy Spirit.
(Franklin Springs, GA: Advocate Press, 1969, pg.12)

Biblical Basis for Missions

As a young man, Noel Brooks read eagerly the biographies of 19th century and early 20th century missionaries.  As an adult he supported the work of the church to evangelize the world.  As a church leader he traveled to South America, Asia, Africa, and elsewhere visiting first hand with other cultures and the emergent churches there.  The Biblical Basis for Missions was  published in 1976 by Advocate Press, Franklin Springs, Georgia.

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